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Alumni 1962 School Photo

Ursuline Prep Alumni Community

Here at Ursuline Preparatory School, our school maybe small, but our community is large. #UrsulineCommunity.

We were thrilled to hear from Theresa Morton, alumni of Ursuline Preparatory School, who is also great aunt to a current pupil. She has shared some of her memories of her time at Ursuline Prep and we hope that you enjoy them too.

“I deliver my great niece to school twice a week and we talk about being in the exclusive club of being an Ursuline girl and discuss “the olden days”. I and my 3 siblings were, start to finish, Ursuline Prep and Ursuline High school girls. I remember a great deal about the Prep and have much to be grateful for the teaching of our faith, the loving caring atmosphere and fine teaching. 

“Mother Cecilia Churchman was head and related to children so beautifully. I still have somewhere letters she wrote in her neat italic writing thanking us for flowers we brought in for her feast day and the like. Then there was Mother Angela Mary Riedy who was Reverend Mother and Provincial and the most amazing woman who left a lasting impression on so many people. 


“She was way ahead of her time in the belief that girls could do anything even if society was not quite ready for change. She was one of the most incredible women I ever met.

“I’m so glad that there are some great parents supporting the school in so many ways not least the new kitchen, about which I hear much. In my day, lunch was cooked across the road by the lay sisters and then old Mr Q, as we called him, dragged the warming oven across the road and up the hill into the back of the school hall!!”

Was anyone at the school in 1962 and do you recognise yourself in this school photo?

If you were and have any memories that you would like to share or photographs of the Ursuline Prep then we would love to hear from you. 

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