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British Museum

Years 3 and 4 visit the British Museum

On Wednesday 27th September, Year Three and Year Four set off to explore the British Museum

Maintaining our week of sustainability, the girls made the most of our London location and went on public transport!

To support their history curriculum they explored the wonderful Anglo-Saxon artefacts in the Sutton-Hoo and Europe gallery.  

The girls developed their learning about this era by looking at this spectacular exhibition which included a wide range of jewellery, pottery, weaponry, and metalwork. Many of these artefacts were decorated with intricate designs. They designs are not only decorative but also have symbolic meanings and tell stories. 

Additionally, they learned about Anglo-Saxon jobs and trades by examining the evidence provided in the gallery.  All girls got involved in activities and discussions about how all these artefacts provide valuable information about Anglo-Saxon life and culture. 

A wonderful day enjoyed by all!  

British Museum 2023

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