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Year 5 trip to BFI

Year 5 Trip to the the BFI

On Wednesday 7th February, year 5 went to the British Film Institute for a French Film Activity Day. In the morning pupils watched a selection of short animations in French with English subtitles and a short silent movie. Pupils participated in various activities such as listening to the sound without the image and suggesting what the sound could be from a list of French words.  We watched the short silent movie and from the actors’ facial gestures, the girls had to create a dialogue. Felicity and Francesca bravely went on stage to perform their dialogue – bravo les filles ! The girls used their language strategies such as looking for words that sound or look like English words to work out the meaning of the French words.

In the afternoon pupils watched a full-length animation and were able to follow the story using strategies learnt from the morning activities and reading the subtitles.

Thank you, Mrs Kennedy-Laing, M. Cordier, Ms Andrews and our parent helpers, Mrs Hedges and Mrs Barron, for supporting this trip and thank you girls for impeccable behaviour while travelling and in the cinema.

Mrs Putt

Year 5's French experience at the BFI 2024

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