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The Ursuline Prep is a Roman Catholic school and we welcome pupils from all faiths and none. We are actively inclusive of all cultures and ethnicities and have children from over fifteen different faith backgrounds within our school.

We have a Year 6 Chaplaincy Team who are regular helpers at Mass and work to ensure that the Prayer Garden is a peaceful place for all.

Throughout the school year the Sacred Heart Youth Minister supported by our teaching staff works with the girls to celebrate their House Saint Feast Days, as well as significant dates within the church calendar such as Christmas, Ash Wednesday and the observance of Lent and Easter.

“Inclusiveness is a very important piece of our experience of the Ursuline.  We are very impressed with the knowledge our daughter has gained about religions in addition to Catholicism, and we believe that an understanding and appreciation of many faiths will serve her well.”

Mrs H. (Parent)

Below is a copy of our latest Denominational Inspection Report that was carried out on 28th June 2019.



Glorious God, let us remain in harmony,
united together, all of one heart and one will.
Let us be bound to one another by the bond of love,
respecting each other, caring for each other
and bearing with each other in Jesus Christ.
If we try to be like this then, without doubt,
the Lord God will be in our midst.


As a Catholic School we have close links with The Sacred Heart Parish in Wimbledon. Whole school, and House Masses form a regular part of our worship. Important Christian feasts, such as Christmas and Easter, are prepared for and celebrated. The sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, although organised by the Parishes, are supported in school.