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Food and Catering

The school promotes healthy eating through the availability of hot lunches, together with the recommendations of our Snack Policy. Pupils enjoy a hot lunch provided by our caterers Thomas Franks.

About Thomas Franks

Thomas Franks cater for pupils in a unique, interesting and exciting way.  They make every meal special and really encourage pupils to be adventurous and try dishes made only with fresh ingredients that they may not have experienced elsewhere.

Hot Lunches

Lunches are paid for termly, in advance. Fees will vary slightly from term to term, depending on the length of the term, but are on average around £300 per term. Parents are asked for details of food allergies and intolerance or other dietary needs. Please click on the links below to see the three weekly menu. 


Pupils are encouraged to bring in snacks for morning playtime and after school clubs or activities. In support of our healthy eating policy we ask parents to avoid crisps, sweets and chocolate snacks. For morning break fruit snack pots can be provided for Reception girls by Thomas Franks for a minimal charge.

Nut Allergies

Ursuline Prep is a nut free school. An increasing number of children have nut allergies. For them the slightest contact with nuts can result in a swift and aggressive reaction which can have serious consequences.   We expect parents to respect this policy. We thank you for your support in this matter.


Fresh milk is available, free of charge, to Reception children until they turn aged five. Milk is available to all children aged 5 upwards at an additional cost.


Studies have proven remaining hydrated enhances learning. We encourage pupils to bring in water in a clear plastic bottle, which they may have with them in class.